Easy Speeches

Easy Speeches: Instant Inspirational Speeches and Motivational Messages for Busy Leaders.

This book contains high quality, inspirational Christian speeches designed for a variety of workplace situations including motivating staff at the start of the year, beginning of year messages to parents and/or students or end of year farewell and graduation speeches - just to name a few. 

The purpose is to save the reader time and effort by providing a ready-made talk complete with script, notes and downloadable PowerPoint presentation. Each message is designed in such a way that the user can very easily modify each one to suit their audience and then present with a minimum amount of skill and/or preparation time.

The messages are rich, motivational and could be used in a devotional sense for personal and/or spiritual growth.

If you are one of those busy people who struggle to find the time to write a motivational speech to energise staff, students or parents – then this book is for you.

It is also ideally suited for those who haven’t got the time or effort needed to get a quality presentation together that will give you an Inspiring message for Graduation, Staff or a Leadership retreat.

These instant speeches and motivational talks will help you look good as a leader; build your confidence and the confidence of others in your ability. 

Each book contains 3 high quality messages designed to engage and interest the listeners. Each speech goes for around 15-20 minutes, depending on the speed of the presenter and/or the chosen method of delivery. 

These series of books are sure to delight and ease the burden of preparing a captivating speech or message to deliver and delight others.