Easy Speeches Book 1

Easy Speeches: Instant Inspirational Speeches and Motivational Messages for Busy Leaders.

This book contains high quality, inspirational Christian speeches designed for a variety of workplace situations including motivating staff at the start of the year, beginning of year messages to parents and/or students or end of year farewell and graduation speeches - just to name a few. 

The purpose is to save the reader time and effort by providing a ready-made talk complete with script, notes and downloadable PowerPoint presentation. Each message is designed in such a way that the user can very easily modify each one to suit their audience and then present with a minimum amount of skill and/or preparation time.

The messages are rich, motivational and could be used in a devotional sense for personal and/or spiritual growth.

If you are one of those busy people who struggle to find the time to write a motivational speech to energise staff, students or parents – then this book is for you.

It is also ideally suited for those who haven’t got the time or effort needed to get a quality presentation together that will give you an Inspiring message for Graduation, Staff or a Leadership retreat.

These instant speeches and motivational talks will help you look good as a leader; build your confidence and the confidence of others in your ability. 

Each book contains 3 high quality messages designed to engage and interest the listeners. Each speech goes for around 15-20 minutes, depending on the speed of the presenter and/or the chosen method of delivery. 

These series of books are sure to delight and ease the burden of preparing a captivating speech or message to deliver and delight others.

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Latest Releases

Easy Speeches Book 2

 “Easy Speeches” Book Two  is the 2nd book in a series of ‘easy speeches’ designed to save you time and make your job as a busy leader – easier!

This book follows “Easy Speeches” Book One and contains an additional three ready made speeches, complete with downloadable script and presentation, to take and share with others all in a matter of minutes. 

The messages are high quality, tried and tested Christian speeches and motivational talks to rejuvenate and impress a wide audience.

The contained speeches were originally written and used as Graduation speeches for leaving Primary School students. However, the speeches are also perfect (and easily adaptable) for anyone who needs a message to motivate, energise or focus people for a specific purpose.

‘Easy Speeches 2’ has done it all for you and will give you an instant solution to impress your audience! 

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New Devotional book

STOP and Give Me 20 (Minutes)

 Stop And Give Me 20 Minutes: 20 Faith Exercises to Make You Stronger in 20 Minutes or Less is a Christian Devotional Book aimed to develop your faith and to share with others.

If you are looking for quick and easy, instant online devotions (or Spiritual 'Exercises') to start your day and perhaps share with others but you don’t have the time to spend searching online for good material that is short yet inspirational, then this book is for you. 

Perhaps you would like a bible verse and contemporary yet powerful Christian song to accompany your message to meditate on and help leave a strong imprint of God’s word on your life for that day.

Well, this book is written for you!

As a past teacher and principal, I was often looking for quick yet inspirational daily devotions to share with others for our staff devotional times together. However, I found that I simply didn’t have the time to wade through the multitude of messages contained online and try and weave something together that would keep people engaged, learning and developing their spiritual muscles!

Well here is the solution I was looking for and now offer you! I’ve done all the hard work for you and have spent much time gathering and organising all the resources into an easy tool for you to grab and use!

‘STOP AND GIVE ME 20 (MINUTES)’ contains links to a collation of inspirational resources available online. I’ve simply sifted through them, gathered them together in one central place and arranged them in a simple yet powerful devotional experience that you can reflect on personally and/or take and share with others, all in a matter of minutes.

Each spiritual exercise or devotion contains a central bible verse(s), YouTube clip/message, questions for reflection and meditation, prayer and optional song to complete your devotional experience.

Many can be shortened to under 10 minutes if you need to, or extended for a much fuller spiritual encounter.

With 20 devotional messages for around 20 minutes each or less, begin your day feeding on God’s word and make it a daily exercise!

It can easily be yours today and is perfect for sharing and growing with others.