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Time Savers for Busy Leaders

Ready made and ready to go resources to help you lead well.

Whether you have been in the job for 10 days or 10 years, why waste time reinventing the wheel when it comes to the educational resources needed for busy leaders. Whether it is leading staff, clients, students or parents, let us help you to lead well.  Take advantage of the books, wisdom and knowledge gleaned from someone who has been in leadership for over 20 years.

With all the hard work done for you.

Instant, tried and tested speeches to use in a range of settings. All the hard work is done for you.

Recognising that busy leaders are often time poor, these educational resources and books have been crafted to save you time and effort and can be easily implemented. 

Prioritise your time!


With ready made presentations, scripts, notes, templates, books and other time saving resources, you'll find that you have extra time for the more important things in life.

Why E.A.S.Y ?

Easy and Effortless


All the hard work has been done for you. In the latest books "Easy Speeches" you get a high quality speech that can used for a range of situations including graduations and staff devotions or start of year speeches and motivational talks. Simply modify it to suit your audience. Each speech comes complete with free downloadable script, PowerPoint presentation and notes. 

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If you are looking for high quality solutions and educational resources to simplify the task at hand, then these books are for you. The books are very affordable and we hope that as many people as possible may take advantage of them.

Simple - Yet Effective


With ready-made and ready to implement motivational speeches, books and educational resources, simply modify to suit your audience, rehearse or re-design, and away you go! It can all be done in a fraction of the time that it would take busy leaders to create it for yourself.



These educational resources are designed to assist busy leaders and to make you look good! The books, presentations and resources will build your confidence and the confidence of others in your ability to lead! Win - Win!

Easy @ E.A.S.Y Ed

Resources Available


The latest resource on offer is "Stop And Give Me 20 (Minutes)"  and contains 20 easy devotions to take and share with others.

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Book 2 of "Easy Speeches: More Inspirational Speeches and Motivational Messages for Busy Leaders" is coming soon.  Sign up today to ensure that you are kept up to date.

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About the Author and Founder

About the Author and Founder of EasyEd, Sharon Kotzur

Sharon Kotzur

Dip. T, B.Ed., Grad Dip T (Th. Ed) M.Ed.

Sharon Kotzur is a teacher, educator, leader, and former principal. 

Sharon taught for 6 years as a Primary (Elementary) teacher and Curriculum Coordinator before becoming Deputy Principal for 5 years, and then Principal of a Lutheran Primary school.

Sharon spent the next 20 years in the job and, in addition, was heavily involved in supporting School Principals and leaders across Australia through various Educational organisations.

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'Easy Speeches' eBooks or Hard Copy books can be purchased via Amazon.

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What's included with my purchase of "Easy Speeches"?

You receive the eBook plus the link to download all of the scripts of the messages included in the book either in word or pdf PLUS a free PowerPoint presentation. All for under $10! That's real value for money.

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